Inside Art

Inside Art is an online game which explores a painting from the inside out. During an art museum tour, you're sucked into a vortex and find yourself inside a mystery painting. Your only hope of escape is to answer the questions "Who?/What?/Where?/How?" Inside Art is designed for 4th-graders and up.

My Pop Studio

My Pop Studio: Ready to pop behind-the-scenes of the television you watch, magazines you read, music you listen to and websites you visit? Our "studios" let you take the reins. Create. Comment. Control. Explore your media, your way!

This Web site for 'tween-age girls promotes media literacy and gives girls a chance to create music, edit a TV show, publish a magazine and reflect on the role of digital media in their lives.

* Create your own pop star and put her concert online for the world to enjoy!
* Edit your own reality show, spinning the story the way you want!
* Make your own celebrity magazine featuring you and your favorite actors and singers!
* Test your multi-tasking abilities and find out how well you can do many things at the same time!

Art Detective

A. Pintura: Art Detective is an online game about art history and art composition. In the game, you play a 1940's noir detective with a degree in art history. A. Pintura: Art Detective is designed for 4th-graders and up. Students can play the game independently or in small groups.

Trouble with Treble

Trouble with Treble focuses on grade 4 expectations from the Ontario Curriculum. The specific expectations covered are: recognize that the treble clef defines the names of the lines (e,g,b,d,f) and spaces (f,a,c,e) on the staff ; recognize that specific pitches may be represented by notes placed on a staff; identify whole notes, half-notes, quarter-notes, and eighth-notes, and their corresponding rests in 4/4 time. Student worksheets are included. Music

The National Arts Centre (NAC) presents Music, a great place to discover the excitement of the performing arts! Learn all about orchestral music, the NAC Orchestra, its musicians and friends, great composers, conductors and much more!

English Theatre

English Theatre is designed to uncover the behind-the-scenes world of professional English Canadian Theatre. Within these web pages we invite parents, teachers and students to embark on a journey through thematically organized content that will lead to a greater understanding of and appreciation for the people and processes involved in transforming a play from the page to the stage.

Step up to dance

Step up to dance: Dance lovers, students and teachers: this is where you'll find engaging and interactive educational resources, videos, games, learning tools and a wealth of information designed to build your understanding of and appreciation for dance.

Open Your Ears

Open Your Ears - Play Musical Bingo, Tour an Orchestra, Explore Musical Moods, Make Your Own Music

Fun With Music

Fun With Music: San Francisco Symphony for Kids - learn about the elements of music and the instruments of a symphony orchestra

Music through the Curriculum

Music through the Curriculum - activities that connect music to Reading, Math and Science. If you're interested in connecting music to other areas of the curriculum, this page is for you! It contains links to arts integration resources, multimedia activities, and homemade instrument projects.

Essentials of Music

Essentials of Music - "Whether you're a casual listener or a serious music student, here's the site for basic information about classical music." The main sections are;
Eras: Overviews of the six main periods in music history -- Middle Ages, Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic and Twentieth Century.
Composers: Brief biographies of nearly 70 composers, which will bring to life the artists and their works.
Glossary: 200 definitions with numerous musical examples.

Drama Workshop

Drama Workshop: Ideas For Teaching Drama
This site contains my own collection of ideas I have used for teaching drama both in Theatre Workshop contexts for Youth Theatre Groups and for developing spoken language skills with students across a variety of age and ability ranges.

Child This website is packed with resources for Drama Teachers in Elementary and Secondary Schools, and for producers of Theatre for Young Audiences. I created this website to help me get my own plays out there, and to provide help and support to producers, school Theatre directors, and classroom Drama teachers. Since then it has become one of the biggest educational drama resources on the net. There is all sorts of great stuff here!
Lesson Plans: Most of these lesson plans work with a large age range. These lessons are presented with fairly specific instructions.

Drama from Picture Books

Drama from Picture Books: I often use children's picture books as lesson starters in my classroom. Below are some suggestions, based on the kind of approaches I have taken, for how you can turn a picture book into a Creative Drama lesson. There is also a link to a list of picture books I have found especially well-suited to Drama, each with a short explaination of how I have used it.

101 Drama Games for Children: Fun and Learning with Acting and Make-Believe


JazzKids: Lesson Plans from PBS. Online activities are designed for students in grades K-5, with accompanying lesson plans for language arts (LA), social studies (SS), music (MU), and math (MA) teachers.

Mozart WebQuest

Mozart WebQuest. Time Machine. As a time traveler, you are expected to gather information about the famous composer: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Famous Paintings

Famous Paintings: Art Appreciation Lessons for Kids. An art web quest for children in elementary and middle school, biographies of famous artists, free art worksheets.


ARTiculation: Learning to Look at Art. Contents: Elements of Art (Line, Color, Texture, Shape, Form, Space, Value), Principles of Design (Rhythm & Movement, Balance, Proportion, Variety & Emphasis, Harmony & Unity), Art Critiquing Process, Lessons Plans and Activities, Reviews & Resources, Timeline, and Vocabulary.

Crayola's Lesson Plans

Crayola's Lesson Plans: A searchable directory of lesson plans that utilize crayola products. Find hundreds of hands-on, standards-based lesson plan ideas designed to:
* Integrate the arts into the daily curriculum
* Stimulate independent thinking through visual learning
Search ideas by grade, subject, theme, and/or Crayola product.